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inovtech' history

Our story began a little over 20 years ago. First as a telecommunication company limited to the sale of communication products and services, we gradually evolved into a static website creation company, today turning into an intelligent software development company, cybersecurity software and solutions as well as a platform and content management company.

  • Smart software
  • Digital Marketing
  • Vulnerability test
  • seo optimization
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inovtech' Missions

Our mission is to use our expertise to support companies in their digital development process. Whether it is an internet window, a commercial mobile application, a management software, a security intelligence software or artificial intelligence ... we have the expertise you need.

  • Make it simple and secure
  • Meet deadlines
  • Respect the specifications
  • accompany the customer in the process

inovtech' Experience

web and mobile app design
Search engine optimization
Web Hosting and Server management
artificial intelligence and vulnerability check


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