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inovtech' history

Our story began a little over 20 years ago. First as a telecommunication company limited to the sale of communication products and services, we gradually evolved into a static website creation company, today turning into an intelligent software development company, cybersecurity software and solutions as well as a platform and content management company.

  • Smart software
  • Digital Marketing
  • Vulnerability test
  • seo optimization

inovtech' Missions

Our mission is to use our expertise to support companies in their digital development process. Whether it is an internet window, a commercial mobile application, a management software, a security intelligence software or artificial intelligence ... we have the expertise you need.

  • Make it simple and secure
  • Meet deadlines
  • Respect the specifications
  • accompany the customer in the process

inovtech' Experience

web and mobile app design
Search engine optimization
Web Hosting and Server management
artificial intelligence and vulnerability check

Meet Array' expert

Choosing a partner to support you in your digital project is an important decision, the wrong decision can be expensive on many aspects of your business. our experience and the quality of our team of young experts is a guarantee of your success.


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